Beginner Tango Classes

Beginner's Tango Taster Classes

Try some Argentine Tango with us.

Friday May 3rd 7.00 - 8.30pm at the CCA-Glasgow
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The Tango Taster Class is ideal for total beginners who would like to try some some Argentine Tango dancing. During the one hour class we will work in couples, one learning the leader's role while the other learns the follower's role. You can come along with a partner or alone, singles will be partnered with other singles. We cannot guarantee a gender balance but everyone will have a partner to learn with. The taster class is followed by a 30-minute long presentation by Glasgow Tango Studio’s founders, and professionals tango teachers Sari Lievonen and Jeff Allan. They will demonstrate some different Tango styles and reveal how Argentine tango music and dance has come to be so globally enjoyed in the 21st century. From 8.30-11.00pm there will be the El Abrazo Milonga, social dance. Those having taken the beginner's class are welcome to stay on for this more formal social dance called a Milonga, either just observing some more experienced dancers or by joining in the ronda if you feel ready for some more dancing. During the Milonga Tango DJ Jeff Allan will be playing music from the great orchestras of the late 1920s the 30s & 40s.

The venue.

CCA-Glasgow in the Clubroom
Centre for Contemporary Arts 350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G2 3JD


What to wear:
comfy clothes and smooth, preferably leather/suede soled shoes to allow pivoting and turning, please avoid textured soles. We recommend that ladies wear shoes with a low or medium size heel rather than flat shoes or shoes with high heels. Shoes should stay well on your feet.


You can book your place as a couple a singe follower or a leader. We do our best to balance the numbers of leaders and followers thus places for singles will fill up quickly. Please, book early to avoid disappointment. If you are booking as a single female follower you may be partnered up with another female who has signed up to learn to lead. Usually these ladies are already experienced tango dancers as followers which tends to be an advantage in learning to lead.

You may book in person at any of our tango events or by contacting Sari or book online.

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What to expect at beginner level

To learn the tango is like learning a new language. We need some vocabulary and the basics of grammar to understand how this amazing movement language works. When danced socially Argentine Tango is an improvised dance based on walking. We will work with posture, connection and walking technique along with introducing you to the basic steps and step combinations. We do not teach you set routines or sequences. You will learn to be creative while communicating with your partner in expressing the classic era tango music.