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 Learning Argentine Tango With Us.                                              © Glasgow Tango Studio 2013

Tango Classes in Glasgow with Sari Lievonen & Jeff Allan

                                                                                         Professional Argentine Tango Tuition in Scotland

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The recommendation is that combining our classes with the Practica and our Milongas offers the best path to becoming a classic Tango dancer. Once acquired, this is a skill you can be proud to use in milongas throughout the world.

A Tango Class with Sari Lievonen of the Glasgow Tango Studio, in Inverness Scotland.


What is Argentine Tango?  

When danced socially, it is an improvised walking-based dance. Though this notion might not be obvious to the uninitiated, the sooner one discovers this simple truth about Tango the easier it becomes to learn.

Alongside establishing a good walking technique, acquiring correct posture and connection are the core elements we need for pleasurable social dancing. The skill of improvisation comes naturally with this approach. In our teaching we concentrate on establishing a solid base which readily lends itself to social dancing. Once you are confident with these skills and know the basics of floor-craft and Tango etiquette, you can dance socially anywhere in the world. This international and intercultural dimension is the unique beauty of Argentine Tango.

Social Argentine Tango dancing embraces three different, (though related) dances: Tango, Milonga and Tango Vals.  Milonga (the same word refers also to the social dance event itself) is an older form from which Tango itself was developed over 100 years ago. Tango Vals is a dance in ¾ tempo. Our teaching starts with Tango but we encourage our students to take Milonga and Tango Vals on board as soon as possible. The basics of posture, connection and walking technique apply to all the dances; the difference between them lies in the musical interpretation alongside preferred steps or movements that best match the music.

Should you wish to venture beyond the social form of Argentine Tango, we are able to guide you in that direction. If you wish to learn and experiment with ´flashier´ moves seen in stage performances (which tend to be choreographed rather than based on improvisation) or would like to have a personalised choreography for a special occasion such as a wedding dance, we will be happy to help you with that project.


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The best endorsement of a Tango teacher is how well their students can dance.


Tango Classes & Lessons are available for all levels with the Glasgow Tango Studio

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