Wednesday Tango Classes


Please, book you place on these classes by contacting Sari

Advance payment is required to confirm your place.

Tel: 07495 522377
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* Should you miss any of the classes during any of the blocks you are welcome to replace the missed class with our Saturday Social Dance during the current course time.


Elements and Technique for Tango & Milonga with Introduction to Tango Vals

Block II A 5-week improver level course

February 28th - March 28th
Time: 6.45-7.45pm
Course fee £38

During these classes we will revise and work on the core vocabulary for dancing both tango and milonga. We will also introduce you to the tango vals. You will learn how to make the material you know suit any of these three musics, how to create variations and how to be flexible so that your dancing becomes more of a communication and dialogue between the dancers. You will learn new steps and figures as well.. 

Please contact Sari to register your place


Semi-Privates for a small group

April 4th & 11th

Time: 6,45 - 7.45
Price: £10 per class

This is a special class we offer for 2-4 couples to attend.
Depending on the attendance the class will be taught by Sari or Sari and Jeff together.

We'll warm-up with an element or a step combination that is a core part in our tango vocabulary. It may be a new addition to your skills or if a re-cap we can look at a variation. Afterwards we'll work on individual level with each couple. You may present the material that you wish work and develop (like a new move or something you've learned previously but it is not working...) or we can decide together what to work on. There will be no partner swapping during this class. We prefer you book as a couple but will do our best to partner singles if necessary.


Tango Trilogy

A 6-week improver level course

April 18th to May 23rd

Time: 6.45 - 8.00pm
Course price £50

* Block booking for this course is recommended.
If places are available it is possible to book individual classes.
These need to be paid in advance and cost £10/class.

During this course you will develop your skills in all three dances - tango, tango-vals and milonga. Many of the steps, step combinations and figures can be used in all three dances but the differences lie in the musical interpretations and in your ability to create variations. You will learn new vocabulary as well.


Where to find the classes

Blackfriars Bar (Basement) City Centre

38 Bell Street. Glasgow G1 1LG

Pre-booked only


Argentine Tango Classes with Glasgow Tango Studio

What to expect at improver level

On this level we keep on enhancing the tango basics while adding some new vocabulary into your repertoire. Periodically we also introduce you to the milonga - the dance - to make it easier to work on rhythmical material. If you wish to improve in your tango skills, in addition to taking classes it is important that you spend some time in practicing alone. Ideally at this level you will start dancing tango socially on a regular basis if you are not yet doing so. Individual practice along with social dancing enforces your body memory and confidence. It also allows you to adapt to different partners and develop you social and floor-craft skills.