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About Glasgow Tango Studio

We are Sari Lievonen and Jeff Allan, social tango dancers, professional tango teachers, event organisers and performers. We have been providing quality Argentine tango in Glasgow for nearly two decades. Our teaching concentrates on the styles of Argentine tango best suited to social dancing. If you can walk, like dancing with a partner and enjoy tango music, you will have a stimulating adventure with us as your teachers and guides upon your tango journey.

What people say about us

“Excellent tango classes very professional and also pleasant to follow. Highly recommended if one wants to progress efficiently.”

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About Sari & Jeff

Sari Lievonen & Jeff Allan, Tango teachers and founders of Glasgow Tango Studio.

We have been organising tango events in Glasgow since 2002 and teaching and performing together since 2008. We embrace different tango styles with ease both in teaching and in performing. 

Social Dancing

Social Tango Dancing, Practicas & Milongas in Glasgow, Scotland.

Once you know the basics you are welcome to join our social dances. In the informal Practicas you can practice what you are learning during the classes or just dance socially. Once you feel confident in both your floor-craft and your dancing skills you can come along to the more formal Milongas. 

Tango Classes

Argentin Tango Classes in Glasgow

We teach well-structured classes from absolute beginners to advanced level dancers. With us you will learn about tango dance technique, musicality and the all important etiquette of tango. With this knowledge you’ll become confident to dance tango anywhere in the world.

How To Get Started

We are currently offering online tango classes for couples and people who are able to practice together. Read more here.. 

Our group classes and Tango Taster Deals are not currently available.

Wedding Dance Package

Embrace with tango! You can impress your friends and family by dancing a unique First Dance at your Wedding. Or you can treat your wedding guests with some tango time for everyone to enjoy a professional performance and a taster class.  Read more here..

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