Tango Canyengue

What is Canyengue

Canyengue is part of tangos history a dance and music that had been developing from at least the 1880s in the port towns of the Río de la Plata notably Buenos Aries In Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay.

The history of the early tango is mysterious and largely hidden from us. Its development was largely amongst an immigrant population who’s history has not been recorded.
The Canyengue and Aurelio another name used for early tango that we see today is largely reconstructed from the information that has com down to us from the past.

Why learn to dance Tango Canyengue?

We occasionally teach workshops in this style of tango. It’s a fun way to dance and fits nicely to the very early tango music. 

By learning Tango Canyengue you will discover a lot about contemporary tango and will understand how the tango we dance today has evolved through out the decades. 



It’s always a pleasure to demonstrate and perform this early style of tango. If you would like to consider us for an event please contact Sari.

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Tango Canyengue performance
Halloween tango ball performance with Sari & Jeff

Canyengue & The Early Tango

There is no single style of Argentine Tango that is the one and only original style. Tango Canyengue was one of the early forms of Tango, popular at the beginning of the 20th century. It was danced with a different kind of embrace compared to what we use nowadays. It is also danced with bent knees. Read more about the early development of tango here..

Canyengue Early Tango
Sari & Jeff, Canyengue Performance 2015